The Consortium of Legal Resource Centers and Legal Information Specialists (CLRCLIS) was established on November 2003 with the goal of promoting formation and development of law libraries and information centers, acquisition of legal information resources, and proper dissemination and international cooperation among Central and East European and other countries. As of 1 January 2016 the Consortium has 10 members:

The tasks of the Consortium are:

•  to ensure further cooperation among law libraries and information centres of the Central and East European countries , and extend cooperation with law libraries of other regions of the world;

•  to guide and coordinate activities of the members of the Consortium in ensuring high quality of information services and public access to legal information resources;

•  to ensure training, seminars, and further education for specialists from law libraries and information centers;

•  to support the professional interests of the members of the Consortium.

The Consortium is open to any library or information center willing to cooperate with other law libraries and sharing the resources and experience. You can express your interest in CLRCLIS by writing an email to: ligita@rgsl.edu.lv .

The founders of the Consortium first met in September 1999 in Budapest attending the Training for Law Librarians organized by Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute (COLPI) associated with Open Society Institute (OSI) in Budapest. After four years of annual training courses representatives of the libraries decided to create a Consortium. As honorary members of the Consortium were announced a regular trainer Mirela Roznovschi from New York University Law Library, a Chair of FCIL SIS of the American Association of Law Libraries and Judit Szedlacsko, coordinator of the COLPI project.